The company Olfor specializes in the sale of elements for riveting, welding and pressing. We are a leader in Poland in terms of sales of rivet nuts. We have already been trusted by 500 clients from various industries in 15 countries in Europe and one in Asia. The history of our company dates back to 2007.


On May 23, the Olfor company was founded as a company. Initially, the basic activity was the distribution of stainless fasteners. High competition in Poland meant that the beginnings were very difficult.

Number of Clients: 31
Rivets sold: 50 000 (including stainless steel: 50 000)
Sold rivet nuts: 0
Number of export countries: 0


The drop in prices for stainless fasteners(by approx.30% during the year) caused huge problems in the company. There was a situation in which you had to sell goods from the warehouse below the purchase price. The company was taken over by the current owner. For the first time (and for the time being the last), the company showe a financial loss, balancing on the brink of survival.

Number of Clients: 60
Rivets sold: 53 000 (including stainless steel: 53 000)
Sold rivets nut: 8 800 (including stainless steel: 8 800)
Number of export countries: 0


Another very tough year for the company. The financial crisis has hit the industrial sector in Poland very much. The company slowly began to withdraw from the sale of stainless fasteners, trying to sell mainly stainless steel rivet nuts, which led to a drop in sales on an annual basis, but the emergence of a small profit.

Number of Clients: 38
Rivets sold: 29 000 (including stainless steel: 29 000)
Sold rivets nut: 13 800 (including stainless steel: 13 800)
Number of export coutries: 0


Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, the company is slowly recovering from the crisis, struggling to survive. The company is still retreating from stainless fasteners. First export to Ukraine started.

Number of Clients: 32
Rivets sold: 47 000 (including stainless steel: 47 000)
Sold rivets nut: 46 000 (including stainless steel: 46 000)
Number of export countries:


The companyis fully engaged in the market rivet nuts and blind rivets, achieving a 250% increase in sales. It focuses on long-term development aimed at becoming the largest supplier of rivet nuts and rivets inPoland. The firts Far Eastern import was started (establishing cooperation with one of the largest rivet nut factory in China.

Number of Clients: 48
Rivets sold: 332 000 (including stainless steel: 332 000)
Sold rivets nut: 415 000 (including stainless steel: 95 000)
Number of export countries: 1


Continuation of sales growth (by over 100%). Winning new clients, large contracts. Slow building of warehouse inventory. We are becoming the basic supplier of rivet nuts for several trading companies in Poland. Started expansion into Europe by conducting the first trade talks. First esport to Asia.

Number of clients: 67
Rivets sold: 994 000 (including stainless steel: 982 000)
Sold rivets nut: 4 863 000 (including stainless steel: 617 000)
Number of export countries: 2


We mainly developed exports and started work on introducing our own riveting tools lines. Work on pneumatic tools lasted more than half a year, and at the end of the year, introduce its own brand of RivOl tools.

Number of Clients: 114
Rivets sold: 4 327 000 (including stainless steel: 2 338 000)
Sold rivets nut: 7 054 000 (including stainless steel: 1 084 000)
Number of export coutries: 4


We have introduced a full range of rivet nuts for sale from the warehouse of all materials, alble to offer the customer a quick delivery. We have begun exporting to other new countries The first esport of our riveting tools.

Number od Clients: 181
Rivets sold: 7 582 000 (including stainless steel: 4 304 000)
Sold rivets: 9 872 000 (including stainless steel: 1 394 000)
Number of export countries: 8



We moved to a new, larger warehouse. We have increased our cooperation with existing clients in Europe. We devoted a year to internal changes enabling better provision of services t our clients. For the first time we exhibited Mach Tool at the Poznań Fair.
Number of Clients: 302
Rivets sold: 12 412 000 (including stainless steel: 5 055 000)
Sold rivets: 10 290 000 (including stainless steel: 1 596 000)
Number of export countries: 10



We have launched our own powder coating line, which enables us to quickly carry out orders for painted rivet. We bacame the largest customer in Europe for our producer in China. We have gained more esport markets. For the second time, we exhibited at the Mach Tool Fair in Poznań and the first time at the Stoom Tool Fair.

Number of Clients: 342
Rivets sold: 20 876 000 (including stainless steel: 5 817 000)
Sold rivets: 14 744 000 (including stainless steel: 1 848 000)
Number of export countries: 15



We are guided by the idea to provide our CLIENTS with:


Blind rivets nuts is a difficult product to produce. It differs from typical nuts or blind rivets by a degree of complexity. That is why it is so important to be sure that the product You buy is of the right quality. So far, we have sold over 45 milion rivet nuts, we have experience and we know it. We produce blind rivets and rivet nuts in one factory, without changing the supplier. In addition, we chck deliveries in independent laboratories to ensure that our clients can depend on us.


The cheapest is a product that doesn’t exist. We sell directly from our warehouse. Thanks to very large production orders, we are able to offer very competitive price conditions to our clients. ,


Fasteners are one of the last elements of production during assembly, often forgotten by planners. That’s why we always try to maintain the minimum rivet and blind rivet nuts for our customers in stock to be able to fulfill the order overnight, we currently have about 10 million rivet nuts available on stock and 6 million blind rivets – all for CUSTOMERS who they already trusted us.

This is accompanied by the idea WE CONNECTLY CONSTANT, because:

The quality of our connections is constant.

Every day we trainning to provide a better product, better price and better service.

Customers who trust us don’t want to think about change,

 When the others wonder how to offer less and more expensive, we are constantly working to offer more and cheaper…