Painted blind rivets

We have 5 lines for painting rivets: four for hot barrel and one for powder, allowing painting rivets according to the full RAL color palette: For the powder coating standard is glossy (70% gloss) and hot barrel is semi-gloss (50% gloss). In both methods there is a possibility of painting: Mat (30% gloss), Semi-gloss (50% gloss), Gloss (70% gloss). The need for a non-standard finish must be reported with the order. On special request, it is possible to paint according to other standards (NCS and others) – we encourage you to contact us. Thanks to the machine park we can provide short lead times – from just one working day.

Paleta RAL


Powder coating technology enables us to paint mandrel with the flange as standard.

nity zrywalne lakierowane

On special request, we can paint only the flange.

nity zrywalne

Pros of powder coating:

Excellent corrosion protection – paints increase the protection of the raw metal element to the level we obtain with hot-dip zinc coating,Extended coating durability,Very good resistance to various weather conditions,Great color resistance to UV rays (longer lasting
color),It is ecological, thanks to which less waste is
created for the environment,Allows painting from 1,000 pieces of rivet in color
(smaller amounts payable),Fast delivery times (from one working day).

Cons of powder coating:

A thick (20 μm) varnish coating on the mandrel causes after 5,000 rivets the requirement to clean the jaw powder in the riveter

We offer powder coated blind rivets in all materials:


Three lines for hot barrel painting enable us to paint the rivet  without a mandrel:


We can also paint the mandrel and rivet separately:

zrywalne nity

Pros of hot barrel painting rivets:

  • Uniform, regular coverage of paint,
    • No visible streaks,
    • Fast delivery time for large quantities (about 2 weeks for quantities above 250 000),
    • High painting efficiency (250 000 pcs / day),
    • Painting body of the rivet without mandrel – saving the jaws in the riveting tool,
    • Resistance to UV rays,
    • Better coating thickness control compared to powder coating,
    • More economical painting for larger quantities (over 10,000 pieces).

Cons of hot barrels painting rivets:

  • Liquid paints are less ecological than powder.

In his part of Europe OLFOR is the only one who has:

  • machine park enabling to paint rivets above 350,000 daily,
  • cooperation with the best producers of powders and painting for metal elements,
  •  knowledge and experience necessary to realize the painting of small metal elements,
  • 200 millions rivets produced in colour from 2016 yr